my guitar now has three strings.

it wasn’t so bad the first time the flatties broke a string. i was assured it would be paid for. no rush, seeing as i dont really play anymore, but i figured it would be done sometime. then the other day i noticed another string broken. and then today i walked past it and saw it was down to three strings. FFS! i’m perfectly happy to share but a little respect?

if i could afford to, i would so live alone. living in a house this big without any help cleaning takes a helluva lot of time. after doing the dishes, gotta clean the stove, which invariably has some kind of unidentifiable gunk caked on, then wipe down all the benches. take out the rubbish and recycling – even after sticking a notice on the bin (PLEASE EMPTY ME WHEN I GET FULL) only the boyfriend has taken any notice of it whatsoever, for which i was ridiculously grateful. there’s the floors to sweep and mop, carpets to vacuum, crap to pick up, oven and microwave to clean, shower, toilet and basin – cleaning alone is almost a fulltime job.

feeling a bit bad for the boy. signed him up for an Auckland Uni study where they give him party pills, hook him up to a machine and read his brainwaves. or something like that. got paid $60. on the friday night he bounced at a friend’s party and made a fair bit of cash. but being all hopped up on BZP the next day he frittered it all away without hardly knowing where it went. felt quite sorry for him. he was feeling pretty sad and stupid afterwards. although $50 of it he gave to his mum, which was nice if a bit excessive.

unfortunately in doing a ‘favour’ for those friends before the party involved him driving out to helensville, getting fined $150 for their broken light and $400 for the three of them in the car. he assures me they’ll pay for the light; however they may not pay for all of the $400 which pisses me off. No more fucking favours for them, it’s too expensive.

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