• Facebook and different generations

    Facebook is a really interesting topic to ponder. Just listening in to conversations at work got me thinking about how differently I perceive it, and use it, compared to slightly older people. I’m talking maybe late 20s to early 30s, and older too.

    Basically these ladies were lamenting the posting of photos on FB (of them, put up by others). They’re all very polished, groomed women and are always looking their best, especially out and about and at functions. But not everyone looks perfect all the time; by the end of the night your makeup’s wearing off and your hair’s a little wild and you’ve been dancing unabashedly and are a little worse for wear. And they were none too happy with some pics posted on FB of them that they thought were less than flattering.

    It really worried them that they couldn’t control this aspect; that others could post stuff about them without their permission. One of them also complained about old schoolmates posting photos of when they were young and awkward (but weren’t we all pretty dorky to some extent back in the day?). I have photos on FB from primary school (posted by someone else) but I really don’t care. I did not enjoy my school years, but thankfully as time passes the bad memories fade. I just look back and laugh. I think it’s hilarious! We’ve all changed so much. I think it’s cute and it’s great that those pics are up there for us to look back on one day.

    Although I’m not much younger than these people I guess it’s quite a different mindset, and they are after all in much later stages of life than me. I guess if you’re in publishing or media or politics or have an otherwise high profile, you have to protect your reputation and guard your online identity as closely as possible.

  • Restaurants and the web

    I really wish that all restaurants had their own websites. Come on, get with it! And if not at least put some info up on menumania or dineout. I’m one of those reconnaissance freaks who likes to know every single thing about a place before deciding to eat there. I want to know where you are, preferably with a map – I like to know exactly where I’m going. I want a menu, I like to get an idea of exactly what the food’s like. And what the prices are.

    These days it’s almost a crime to not have at least a basic webpage, IMO. All the sort of larger, better places do – it’s the ethnic ones that often don’t (pity, as those are the ones we like to try)

  • corporate whores

    Me and the boy were discussing starting up a business one day (well, him , I personally have no interest in running one myself ever). Except what sort of business? I told him to start with thinking about what interests him. To which he responded:wrestling and Naruto.

    Bloody Sky TV. Sky has brainwashed him. Sunday afternoon wrestling and regular Naruto marathons are now the central points of his week. Sad sad sad.

    * * *

    I’ve been wanting to change our home phone and net over to Vodafone for awhile, but kept putting it off. Last week i heard telecom were pulling out of Fly Buys, the main reason I’ve stuck with them past the initial 12 month contract, so I got my ass into gear and went into the Vodafone shop. (Incidentally, speaking to an actual staff member at the big Queen St store is almost impossible. After two tries I ended up going to the tiny one by JB HIfi). I found out how to go about switching and told them I’m be back tomorrow.

    Then I got a letter from Telecom this afternoon offering me 6gigs for the price of 3 for 12 months. Although it would cost me $5 more than with Vodafone, and mobile calls would be 1c more, I’d get one gig more than Vodafone would give me and I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of changing providers.

    So I’ll ring Telecom tomorrow and organise the new plan – but if it’s too much of a mission, well, Vodafone here I come for good.