Foods I never used to like

Believe it or not, I did not used to like any of the following vegetables. But I’ve seen the light. And I’m including a recipe for each to whet your appetite.


My brother still refuses to touch this beautiful vegetable. What he calls slimy, I call succulent.

This Smitten Kitchen recipe for roasted eggplant with tomatoes is ace (I don’t like mint so exchange it for other herbs).


Until recently, I only ever ate carrot when grated up into a coleslaw (or perhaps a couple of carrot sticks at a time, coated liberally in hummus or dip).

But my absolute favourite way to enjoy them now? Roasted, of course. You can’t go past a tray of succulent veggies crackling away in the oven. The Perfect Pantry suggests sea salt, EVOO and balsamic vinegar to accompany along the journey.

Beans and chickpeas

It took me until my 20s to discover the likes of couscous, chickpeas and beans. Really.

Rachael Ray’s chickpea salad with celery and capsicum is a quick way to get some legumes into your belly. But I suggest you add a soft cheese. Cheese makes everything better.


 Are there any foods you converted to late in life?

20 thoughts on “Foods I never used to like

  1. I still have a hard time with beans, but eat them for the iron (at least black beans). Love eggplant and carrots, especially in ratatouille along with any veggie that might be going bad in the fridge!

  2. I hate bananas. I force myself to add them into my smoothies. But, I if I can taste them then the shake is ruined! So, it’s a delicate balance. I do love all of the recipes above, thanks for posting them.

  3. My favourite chickpea salad is just SO simple and delicious – one can of chickpeas, a cup of cous cous, bunch of parsley, one small red onion and lime juice squeezed on top. Super simple, and a great healthy side dish.

  4. Pizza. I hated it when I was a kid, it was so greasy, slimy… yucky. Now that I have real pizza that is more bread-y and less oily, I like it.

    Eggplant is another one I hated as a kid, now I can tolerate it, even enjoy it.

    I also really hated yoghurt and cheese as a kid. Turns out, I wasn’t eating the RIGHT yoghurts and cheeses.

  5. Yummm….those are some of my favorites =) I never used to like them either but my tastes have changed as I’ve grown up. And we quit eating meat so I have to eat most vegetables anyway =)

  6. I can’t stand the smell and taste of brussel sprouts and cabbage. I can tolerate cabbage in a coleslaw (although I won’t eat it if I don’t have to) but the smell of cooked b/s or cabbage makes me want to hurl, literally. I get naseous around the smell. Not sure why. Most other vegitables I can handle, but usually with cheese, dip, or sauce. I think I’ll try that carrot recipe. Thanks!

  7. I have never had egg plant or chickpeas. the pictures above look fantastic so I would like to try it out. I used to never like zuchinni, but now i love it.

  8. Lentils used to be a weekly dish at the school cafeteria and were really terrible, but I have learned to love them now, either in salads or stews.

  9. Yum! All of these recipes look absolutely delicious! I’ve still never tried eggplant, but I have friends that swear it’s delightful. Things I like now that I never did before: asparagus, cream cheese, avocado and sour cream are the biggies.

  10. I could LIST all the things I don’t like, it’s insane. Avocado, corn, broccoli and cauliflower (though I will eat a cauliflower based pizza), cilanto or coriander, and I go on and on and on… So picky – but I hide it well!

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