The kinds of friends you need

Friends are awesome. We could leave it at that, and you’d know exactly what I mean.

But it’s also super handy to have certain kinds of friends. For example:

The mechanic

Our 1998 car has always driven slightly funny, and while we could pin it on something to do with the left back wheel, in 2-plus years no mechanic we’ve been to figured out what the culprit was. But after one conversation over drinks with an acquaintance who works on cars, T came home with a fresh take and a <$200 fix. Frickin’ wheel bearings (um, I think). Cars. So many parts. So many things that can go wrong.

The doctor

The first time I got a UTI, I self-diagnosed through Google. But the hypochondriac in me still sought out comfort from my med school friend and reassurance that I didn’t have some rare illness that would end in my death.

The electrician

When you live with a bunch of unruly boys who like to wrestle in the lounge and are prone to breaking windows (easy DIY fix) or smashing up light switches/wiring (not so easy to DIY) it’s much cheaper to bribe a mate who’s a sparky with a box of beer. Could also add other general tradespeople to the list.

The accountant

Because TAXES. Holy hell, taxes. That said, accountants are everywhere. My mother, several friends’ mothers, several friends, even, and in the future, quite possibly, my own brother. I bet you have multiple accountants in your circles too.

The musician

A friend in a good band is invaluable. Their gigs give you a reason to go out on a weekend night, and they’ll hopefully play at your birthday party.

The friend with a bach

Holiday houses are not cheap to rent and they’re always booked up for the times you want to go away. Also add: the friend with the boat/jetskis/kayaks/other leisure toys.

The traveller

A highly travelled friend is the one you go to for recommendations, insights and encouragement.

(While it might sound a bit mercenary, this really is just a bit of fun.) Got any to add to the list?

20 thoughts on “The kinds of friends you need

  1. The handyman. I always have to be friends with one of those lol. When something needs repaired around the house I call that friend.

    It would also be nice to have a friend who had some technology skills. Maybe a web designer, yes that would be nice πŸ™‚

  2. Agreed with the lawyer… as well as financial advisor, physical therapist, and nurse (though I guess the last two are related to doctor).

  3. A plumber/pipefitter is another good one to know, as are carpenters. A friend with a truck is also useful if you ever need to move something.

  4. My brother-in-law’s wife is a Physician’s Assistant, so we also get free medical advice (which is nice).
    A free lance photographer is pretty handy, especially when you have a wedding and need lots of pictures. Saved a bundle of money with that friend.

  5. This is going to sound completely cheesy but “The Listener”!! Someone who will just listen to you talk whether you’re venting, excited, etc. πŸ™‚
    I agree with Justin on the photographer!

  6. My friend is a graphic designer and she has been totally bogged down doing friend’s engagement and wedding invitations recently, she gifts them instead of wedding presents . Another friend is a photographer who has been giving me tips on my photo journalism skills (which are nil). A few friend’s boyfriends do something with cars and have helped me when I’ve locked my keys in the car. Another friend’s boyfriend is a sound engineer and does pretty much all the major concerts and festivals in the country, I have yet to cash in on that one. My mum works in insurance and so I’ve had free travel insurance frequently over the years.

  7. Yep. Definitely add a lawyer.

    They say that if you can find these three trustworthy and good people you are set for life: a lawyer; a mechanic and an accountant.

    I’d also throw in a computer geek for all my computer problems. πŸ™‚

  8. We have a friend who’s an insurance broker. We’re always asking her questions about certain regulations and how much our rates would increase or decrease in certain situations. Very handy!

    I also have a friend who’s HUGE into cellphones, so it’s handy having him around to ask about which phones are the best of the best before buying.

  9. A friend with a good eye for color and style. I totally suck at this, so if I want to put together professional outfits for work, it’s useful to get advice from a friend. The same could be said for interior design and arranging the furniture you have to work well and look good, too. It makes your home so much more comfortable and pleasant when stuff is arranged well.

    If you’re learning a new skill or craft, it’s great to have a friend as a mentor and helper. I have friends I’ve reached out to for advice on cooking/baking, gardening, and knitting. And then there’s the friend that lives in an area you’d like to visit. I’m really glad I have a good friend in the Bay area of California, since I love visiting there so much!

  10. Love it. So far I’ve got an accountant brother and possibly a future dentist from my ex-dental class. I’ll have a PhD in financial planning in a few years, so I should be fine on the wealth management side πŸ™‚

  11. Lawyers could potentially be good – I have a lot of friends who did conjoint law degrees (usually law + business or law + arts) though none are full blown lawyers that I can think of. Between the local community law centres and the internet, we haven’t needed to seek out any legal help to date.

    I was also going to add ‘cop’ – we have a couple of friends in the police force, though that hasn’t really come in handy yet.

  12. haha, nice one, but I am the traveler and hate when people come to me to plan their trips 95% of the time, because we have such different personalities I wouldn’t advise well, or because I spend 3 hours helping them just so they ignore advice. Same for the other one I’d rather pay for convenience than annoy my friends, unless this is a life or death situation.

  13. These are all great suggestions. My friends and family certainly use me for their writing/editing needs! I definitely don’t mind most of the time, but it’s most annoying when someone hasn’t talked to you in months and they just randomly email and ask for an edit. Gah!

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