The importance of money

I wonder sometimes how much easier it would be if I only had my own finances to manage. I’d halve the number of bills and payments I deal with and possibly have more money to boot. But I’ve finally really got my act together and got into personal finance, I have a cool budgeting program with coloured charts and graphs and worked out that the best way to work a changing income is to adjust it every week (duh! How many months did that one take????)

Sometimes I really just can’t wait to graduate and start my real life. I’m a little tired of living from week to week; realistically we’re not struggling, we eat well and pay all our bills on time and have the odd night out, but anything like clothes or weekends away or car repairs have to be so carefully planned. It’s been a very very long time since me and Trent bought each other birthday/anniversary/Christmas presents. There’s always something – and it’s usually car related…

How do you get someone interested in money??

I think it’s possibly the most important skill to have. Like it or not life today revolves around money – you just can’t get by without it so you need to know how to manage it. Messing up your credit means you can’t borrow (well, except from dodgy, 35% type places like Moneyshop), can’t find a place to rent, possibly can’t get a job. I can totally understand being scared of seeing where your money really goes, but to not have any interest or care?

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