ah, the joys of public transport

bus drivers are all powerful. they can refuse to let you on, kick you off, scream at you for not having the right change, give you directions or get you so lost you end up on the other side of town.

if i ever doubted that, well last night i learned it all over again. after working 14 hours straight i caught the 11pm bus home. we waited for about ten minutes at the third stop. we thought the bus had broken down, or maybe we were waiting for a new driver to take over. how wrong we were. the driver kept pacing around the back and texting off his phone. finally a guy dashes up the road and gets on, panting his thanks. clearly the driver held us up JUST SO HIS FRIEND COULD GET ON.

that really pissed me off. abuse of power! buses are so terrible as it is, this made my night ten times worse. there was no traffic and I should have been home in half an hour, tops. that clusterfuck added at least ten minutes to my commute.

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