I haven’t been to Revive in about a month. Last time I went I used my two for one vouchers and bought a couple of hotpot meals. They went straight into the fridge at work and became my lunch for the next two days. While they were pretty yummy, and filled me right up, within a couple of hours I was hungry again! Now, I go to Revive when I have vouchers because they taste good (usually and are full of veggies making them downright darn healthy – and I must confess this is often the only hit of greens I get, really, in a busy week.

I am trying…going to sit down with the boy and plan out some meals including fresh summer salads this week. But with everything so haywire and stressful, food shopping falls far down the list of priorities.

Anyway, I haven’t been back to Revive since. I’m willing to pay more for good and healthful food, but not if it doesn’t keep me going. If my tummy starts to rumble before 3pm, it’s not worth it. I’ll go and buy greasy $6 fried rice from the food court. I’m young, and hungry, and on a budget, so quantity wins over quality for now.

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