I really don’t like sponsored posts. I find it really annoying when I go to read an article that sounds promising (ie, something about shopping online, or treating blackheads, shall we say) and it only offers generic tips with the advice to use various products from a certain brand (Westpac, Clean and Clear).

Even worse: I saw an advice column on a certain website, touted as being the place to ask all your skincare questions. Every answer pointed the reader towards one Clean and Clear product or another. Blatant much?

How is that useful to anybody? Well, slightly, maybe. But generally, we want unbiased information – we don’t want advertorial, especially unmarked advertorial. Our suburban newspapers have the courtesy to place “Advertising feature” at the head of such pages. Some upmarket magazines don’t though, and disguise paid placement as editorial. You have to look a second time to work it out. I think that’s sneaky, and I don’t like it.

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