Why, exactly, are the Oscars the pinnacle of the entertainment year? Why do we idolise actors so much? I would think that music is a far more universal thing. But it’s films we celebrate, American, English movies with the token nod to ‘foreign’ films.

I have no idea when/if the ceremony is screening on free tv here – I REALLY want to see the opening number (wanna see Hugh and Anne singing) but I’m sure it’s on YouTube by now.

Honestly though, the red carpet coverage made me cringe. There surely must be no worse job than being assigned to work the red carpet. To try and get the stars’ attention, yelling out their names, then asking them generic and inane questions…humiliating! Always looking out for the latest arrivals, trying to snag the biggest names and garner a few moments of their time. One of the worst moments I saw was an AP journo. She struggled to communicate with the Japanese actors from one of the foreign movies, and ended up telling them to speak into the mic in Japanese. Then, she asked one of the guys involved in Slumdog Millionaire to give a quick message in Hindi to “all the viewers around the world.” Uh, “I don’t speak Hindi,” the guy said.



But goddamn, were the Slumdog kid cast not the cutest little things ever? No human being should be that adorable. It’s criminal. I wanted to shrink them and keep them on my shelf. They were so humble, so excited, so energetic and ridiculously animated. They wanted to see Disneyland! They couldn’t believe they were here! How lucky they were! They loved acting, but first they had to concentrate on their studies!


Must see: Milk, Slumdog and The Reader.

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