Whew, just finished my first day of uni and I’m drained. It’s going to be a heinous semester. 20ish hours of classes, plus 14ish of work, plus working on assignments in my own time. (Why so much class time? Shorthand in itself is almost another whole paper, plus Editing and Design and News Reporting have extra long tutes).

Then we have something like 14 assignments – it’s all internal – plus the one article a week we have to write. And I’ve just found out we have to write another two for the student newspaper, and ANOTHER two separate ones for Public Affairs. There’s going to be so much extra work outside of class, some of it group stuff, and with my chocka schedule (it does not look unlike a typical M-F 40 hour week) that’s not going to fly very well. Along with six others I need to go meet the editor of our assigned community paper in the next few days, for example. That is already probably gonna require me taking time off work.

Stress levels rising. Frazzled nerves. Better not think about it and just get on with it.

But I think I could deal with all that if only BF could find work. His job situation (lack of) is what has me worried.

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