drowningFeel like they’ve chucked us in the deep end right from day one – terrified I won’t have my first story in on time. It’s almost 10 on a Friday and I’m going through shorthand exercises. I’m just so busy; between classes and work that’s almost a 40 hour week alone.

Today we had a spelling/grammar/style test. There were 25 errors to pick out. I found 23. Nobody else got more than around 15.

Nerd power to the max!

I honestly don’t know how I’m going to find time for a relationship as well. BF already feels neglected. He’s been lovely and picked up the slack at home, doing all the cooking, dishes (which he HATES – at least he remembers the detergent now) and cleaning.

We also went past a store and he pointed out the bracelet he’d bought me and that got lost on Valentines Day. There was one left.

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