1182430590bar-foodThe good thing about mystery shopping is it gives me and the boy an opportunity to go out places we wouldn’t otherwise. Last week we went out to Ponsonby – like, on what felt like a DATE – and it was fab…a meal out, which after reimbursement is almost on the house.

Tons of people there were, however, staring at us. Customers. Staff . The chef, through the little service slot window. WHY? did we look underage? Too rough? Was it because I was eating pizza with my hands rather than a fork?

This time I had to award the bartender for achieving a “perfect pour” – they nailed a seven steps to pouring a beer correctly, which was a nice thing to do. I did feel like a bit of a dork – going up to congratulate them and explaining what I was doing, but he seemed really pleased and so did the rest of the staff. Apparently there’s a big contest going on at the mo and the pressure is on!

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