Midweek slump

First day back at work after my leave.

I nearly missed the bus home again today. Why? The lifts. The goddamn lifts at work, the slowest, oldest lifts known to man. The lifts which go all the way down to B, then all the way up to floor 4, before coming down and settling on 3.

Early to work? Think again. Once you’re done waiting for the lift, you’ll be five minutes late.

And now that daylight savings has kicked in, it’s dark by 6. It’s dark when I walk to the bus stop, and home from the bus stop.

Last time I finished work at six I missed the bus by about 20s. Today I sprinted – in boots – and made it just as the bus pulled away. ONLY because the driver was nice, and there’s a handy light just after the bus stop which seems to be red about 90% of the time.

Then I got home to the phone bill. I had a 17 minute cell call earlier this month to a source for a phone interview for a story I wrote. I knew it was a long conversation, but 17 minutes?????

On the bright side, I came home to dinner cheerfully cooking away (thanks BF) and knowing that I can accompany him to an interview on Friday. Thankfully my cool boss doesn’t mind whether I come in during the morning or afternoon. So I can direct BF up to Albany (neither of us are on the Shore, ever, and he doesn’t like or know the area at all) and give him some support, and then maybe we can tiki tour around up there. We’re def. not Shore people, but it’s nice to be away from home. And if we’re up there and have to spend the gas money anyway why not make the most of it?

Now I just have to get him to put together a list of three companies he’d like to work for – something the agency wants to see. I totally agree – what’s the point? In this economy there’s no way this new, small agency would be able to place you where you want. I’ll be amazed if anything at all comes from this. Still, it’s small, it’s friendly and a far better shot than the big faceless agencies who focus on admin or managerial staff. We want to impress them.

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