Under the weather

I was considering getting the flu injection, but I haven’t heard anything good about it. It’s only ten bucks at uni, but the few people I’ve spoken to who’ve had it reckon they actually got sick right away, and really badly too!

No thanks.

I first felt the flu coming on three weeks ago. I took painkillers and vitamins, and staved it off. A few days later I felt weak and feverish, crawled into bed, and slept most of it off. Then I got a stomach bug, and spent a few days immobile.

Ever since then I’ve been fighting off a cold. I’ve still got the remnants of it – chesty cough, stuffed nose, phlegm in my chest and throat. Sorry, nasty I know.

But everyone seems to have been struck particularly hard this year. Sniffles and nose-blowing punctuate every class I’m in. Sometimes people get coughing fits and have to leave the room.

IT SUCKS!! I need to be on top of my game. The rest of this semester is going to be so full on, and I can’t afford to be under the weather.

I’m just trying to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and not stress too much.

BF seems to have been approved for unemployment, so that takes some of the strain off.

Damn you, winter. I’m not a huge fan of summer – too hot, humid, muggy – but winter is far worse. I don’t deal well with cold, I get sick easily, and my sinuses go nuts. At least when it’s warm, the worst that can happen is you overheat, get sunburnt, and sweat a bit. And you can always take some clothes off. There’s a limit to how much you rug up….

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