Bush walk

We went out to Huia on the weekend and wandered around some of the bush trails. It’s really nice out there – pretty and peaceful, somewhere that would be nice to live if you worked from home. The waterfalls were pretty cool – cold, freshwater falls and pools, lots of rocks to climb/walk on or jump off. We probably spent about half an hour around the falls alone…


Swimming in the FREEZING water…





As we were starting the trip back home past the local shops BF was like “next time we’re here we’ll go to the dairy, they’re meant to have really good ice cream” – and I figured why the hell not, we came all the way out here and we’re going to come back, but who knows when?

And we had ice cream. They had some really cool flavours: butterscotch pecan (I got that), caramel ripple, marshmallow coconut ice. We only got single scoops, but they were HUMONGOUS. And delicious. My only gripe is, generous as the scoops were, they weren’t packed in very well and at one point the entire scoop fell outta my cone and straight into my lap 🙁

Definitely plan to go back out there. I mean, we live relatively close to the bush out west and we really should make the most of it, apart from the gas it costs nothing!

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  • Reply LPC April 3, 2009 at 09:00

    Ice cream and waterfalls. What more could any reasonable person want in life?

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