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Random pic that comes up if you search teeline shorthand!

Random pic that comes up if you search teeline shorthand!

One of those classes you gotta go to, because if you don’t, you’ll fall behind and never catch up. I think I’ve missed two classes so far – the first time I caught up from a friend’s notes, and the second I winged it from the guidelines.

And literally everyone loves our tutor! There’s a Facebook group created especially for us, called “i heart shorthand” along with a treasure trove of quotes from our all-knowing sensei. She comes up with some real gems. I’ve copied and pasted some here for your amusement.

  • “Normally” looks like a wee animal you’d take for a walk or something.
  • “I’m like a little team all on my own”
  • “Don’t fluff around with vowels.”
  • “Faulty….” as in towers
  • “-ment and -tion all holding hands together and getting on marvellously.”
  • “You’re gonna amaze yourself, horrify yourself, do whatever to yourself.”
  • “You can go to bed listening to me. I can be in your ears 24/7.”
  • “You should be chanting these special outlines every chance you get.”
  • “I usually have a few tail-end-Charlies at the end of the course.” (Don’t know what this one was about….)
  • “I know your head is a heavy thing but it can hold itself up.”
  • “We’re getting the whole family group in here one by one.”
  • “If you hear it as a negative when it’s coming at you, treat it as a negative.”
  • “We really are old-fashioned, I even have a watch I have to wind up. We don’t even have the internet at home.”
  • “There’s no hope for me. I have a cellphone… but it’s never switched on – it’s 7 years old.”
  • “Has anyone heard of a pixel? There’s one in this thing here.” (points to computer)

I realise that out of “context” (one of her favourite words) she might come across as a bit ditzy or behind the times. But I assure you, she’s LOVELY! The sweetest, nicest, and one of the funniest people ever.

One more week of classes next week. And no more lectures! We’re going to be filling out those end of term evaluation forms for each class and my plan is to write mine in shorthand for her. Something basic, along the lines “sweet, patient, and so very funny. Don’t ever retire!” I’m sure she’ll appreciate my efforts.

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