It’s never enough

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful in any way, especially after how hard BF’s had to fight to get a fair shot with WINZ. I’m really thankful he’s finally been approved and is able to draw unemployment. As little as it is, it is more than I expected him to end up being eligible for, what with all their crazy criteria.

But together we’re making just under one full-time wage, and the longer this goes on the harder it gets. For one, rent goes out on a Thursday. I get my student allowance on Tuesday night, and rent from one of the flatmates at the same time. But I get paid from work on a Friday, and BF now gets paid on a Thursday into his account, so there’s no way that can make it over to me in time. Cue juggling around of money around every Wednesday evening. God forbid I ever forget.

Wouldn’t it be easier to keep a big buffer in the account? Yes, but that’s not something I want to do. I work a zero based budget. When I first started out on my own I was used to having a cushion of a couple hundred in my daily account. Then I moved and started paying rent fortnightly, and I ended up not having any cushion – and I actually quite liked it that way. Now I’ve adopted the zero based budget, and it works for me. I know how easy it is to inadvertently spend, and I don’t want to wonder where the hell hundreds of dollars went so fast. I already kind of did that this week, transferring over $300 in anticipation of the glazier coming to fix our two broken windows. Bastard still hasn’t shown up since quoting us.

Grrr, NOT feeling on top of it at the moment.

Throw in the fact that I am more or less supporting BF for the foreseeable future, especially once he starts uni, and it’s pretty depressing. I don’t want to be doing that for three years, so let’s hope he can get himself a decent part time job over that time. And something for the rest of this year. I haven’t done the maths, but even 20 hours a week at minimum would be more than what he’s making now.

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  • Reply FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com May 3, 2009 at 02:14

    I hear that. It’s depressing to support someone else, I’ve been there, done that and hated it.

    You feel like a nag. Or a mother. And then you cannot have sex any longer.

    Hence, why I LOVE my relationship with BF. 50/50 on major household bills, but he treats me once in a while and cooks alllll the time

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