We shopped at Countdown this week, and had to get things like batteries, a multiplug board and mop in addition to groceries. But with the help of my Visa Rewards Card (which is accepted there) we got out spending $113 out of pocket. Of course, I got home and realised I forgot to get any fruit, but we have some fruit salad somewhere in the pantry.

Although Countdown is pricier than PnS, it also has some really good specials from time to time. EG:

Cheese – 500g Anchor, 4.99. Saved 4.10 (finally prices are starting to come back down!)
Griffins malt/wine/arrowroot biscuits – 2 for $3.50 (except you always have to buy both to get the discounted price, which can be a pain)
Meadowlea margarine – 2 for $5. Saved 2.50
Watties canned cooking sauces – 2 for $4.60. Saved 1.80
Leaning Tower pizzas – 2.99 ea. Saved 2.70

And CD are usually pretty good about scanning through the correct prices, too.

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