Scars and stretchmarks

I really need to get my hands on some rosehip oil.

It’s the dead of winter, and it’s bloody freezing. (According to WHO, the minimum temperature indoors is 18 degrees. Pretty sure it’s colder in here – I can see my breath in front of me from time to time.) So although it’s not like I’m showing off skin on a daily basis, I’m not exactly taking care of my skin either. But I have a ton of scars from old eczema and insect bites – mainly on my legs and around the hips and torso – which I really need to do something about.

I have really thin, delicate skin which bruises and scars easily; all the spots where I get eczema have thinned out my skin and are still extremely prone to itching (NOT good, as you can imagine!) Having thinner skin there also means I flush more easily when I’m drinking – quite scary to get home half cut, try to undress yourself and fall into bed, only to catch sight of scary red blotches scattered over your torso.

But it beats my high school days for sure. I had bad acne for a couple of years, and it was AWFUL. My forehead was dotted with purplish scars (one brilliant guy made the insightful comment to me, “Your forehead is speckled!”) and I tried to cover it all up with makeup – not very well. I remember being out shopping and browsing through the makeup department in Farmers, and my friend gently pointing out that my current foundation “wasn’t very good”. I still haven’t found my holy grail foundation; with oily, sensitive skin, it’s really hard to find a balance. Thankfully the facial scars have since faded, and with gentle skincare and makeup, my face isn’t totally ravaged by the elements anymore.

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  • Reply FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com June 26, 2009 at 03:05

    For eczema, try clobetasol. But only spread a THIN LAYER. Don’t cake it on.. it can cause problems soaking into your skin if you do

    But it’s the only thing I’ve ever found in my existence to stop the itching of eczema within 20 minutes or so and last a whole night..

    My scars have stopped itching as a result. I use it every time I feel a bit itchy from a insect bite or something…. stops scarring

    • Reply eemusings June 26, 2009 at 17:28

      Thanks for the recommendation, i’ll have to hunt around for some of that stuff in NZ!

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