Totally missed exam handback today – forgot all about it. Not that I really care. I’ve never appealed a mark before, and I figure I’ll just wait till Monday when results are released online.

Internship is going okay. It’s been the slowest news week in a while…..no joke. Hopefully I’ll be doing some exciting stuff next week (I’ll keep you updated) and in anticipation of that, I think I need to brush up on my nonexistent rugby knowledge. Sorry, but I really have no interest in the national sport. But it looks like I’d better taking some!

My friend N, who’s also interning this fortnight (although for print, not online) was sick for the last couple of days :(. Not the best foot to start off on. So…the paper poached me yesterday to go out on the streets with a photographer and do a few vox pops of “our people”. Now, most people assume that anyone who approaches them onQueen St is gonna try to sell them something. Fair enough assumption, but I was holding a notebook and was in my coat and heels; then again, some of the Red Cross type fundraisers dress pretty sharp. I remember going for a promo job, which turned out to be one of those street campaigning ones, and rocked up in jeans. Except everyone else was in suits. Whoops.

I was pretty lucky to run into three young girls straight off who were happy to talk to me, and then I encountered a woman on her smoke break. Then we had kind of a bad run; we needed some guys to balance out the sample, only all the men were busy looking suits, homeless looking, or didn’t speak English. Thankfully, my photographer was super experienced, and good at reading people from afar and suggesting which ones would be approachable.

I’ve come to realise that I really just enjoy the writing. I don’t even need to see my name in print. (And for online stuff, I don’t usually get a byline because so much of it is simply based off releases). And as much as I was aware of the time pressure of working online – I mean come on, I work in the department – actually writing under that pressure is quite stressful. I was hardly writing groundbreaking stuff, but I swear I could feel those time constraints pressing in around me.

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