Always, Sometimes, Never

From Carrie, High Class and TeacHer!

I always…

  • eat breakfast. Not a lot – usually a half bowl of oats/cereal or a couple slices of toast. I am the dragon lady otherwise.
  • wash my hair. It’s just far too limp and greasy otherwise.
  • text random things to my friends.
  • wear lippy. And either my glasses or contacts; otherwise all I’d be good for, literally, is sitting in bed with a book thisclose to my nose.
  • get assignments in on time. I’m a nerd.
  • Stress about said assignments. I’m a worrier
  • Push it as far as I can, in terms of getting places on time. I hate waiting – whether it’s for a bus, or a meeting with someone
  • Sing/hum/move to music. Can’t keep still.
  • Bring my lunch
  • Wish I had more money to do all the things I want
  • Skim read
  • Eavesdrop on other conversations

I sometimes…

  • exfoliate. When I remember.
  • swear a lot.
  • Fall over my own feet.
  • Splurge on things I shouldn’t.
  • Fold BF’s boxers/ socks. Yep, sexy
  • Stay up way too late watching bad TV
  • Wash my unmentionables in the machine, sans lingerie bag.

I never…

  • make my bed. LOL
  • dye my hair.
  • Play guitar anymore.
  • Or read, for that matter. I need one of those Time Turners. I could do with an extra 12 hours in the day
  • Vacuum behind the furniture
  • exercise. Yup, I suck. I also hardly ever eat my 5plus a day, but I don’t like to admit that. Hey, at least I’m not living off noodles and pasta.

Your turn!

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