Up in the air

Let’s set the scene. It’s Friday night. I feel like a limp dishrag and quite frankly like a hamster on a wheel.

Thankfully, LL is cool with switching over onto a periodic tenancy. He’s all “I may have to put the house on the market by December”.

(Pray to god we are OUT of here by then. I’ve decided moving before semester ends is silly – for one, I am stressed enough with the workload, and helping BF through his coursework as well, without adding on househunting and moving. I barely have time to eat, shower, crap or clean the kitchen. Yet of course, I have ten minutes here and there to write rambling blog posts…And two, who knows where I’ll be in two months? And three – it’s gonna cost me $200 in early termination for my Telecom package. You’d think they’d reduce the fee over time, but it’s all the same – break in the first 12 months and they sting you 200).

He also wants to raise the rent – how much? “You guys have a chat, decide what you think and come back to me.”

How about nothing, seeing as this place is coming apart at the edges and we already pay at the high end of the scale? But he’s all “I paid $450k for the house almost two years ago.” Bloody dreaming property investors.

Not a convo I’m looking forward to on the 27th.

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