Sad money tales

You read some bizarre tales on the MSN money boards. You really do. You even get attached to the posters, and hope they make the right choice and do the smart thing with their finances. Whether it’s to do with houses, cars, children, relationships.

This was one was a real doozy. Basic story – deadbeat BF, didn’t want to take the steps to deal with the fact that someone had stolen his credit identity. (Possibly his own mother). Wanted to take on a car payment which would take half of his income. He was 20. A mechanic. Yet he wanted to sell his car which kept breaking, for a new one. It was only a couple grand worth of repairs, and a fairly new car at that.

We didn’t know how old she was, but she was still studying, and presumably they were about the same age. But they’d been together SEVEN years. And somehow in that time, he’d cost her $25k. On what, who knows…but 25k? It’s amazing that someone so young would a) have that much, and b) fritter it on a boyfriend. A boyfriend who wouldn’t help out when she needed it but held out an open hand when the tables turned. A boyfriend she no longer loved but wasn’t ready to break up with.

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