Nervous tics

I’ve always wondered how I come off to others. Do I seem like a placid kinda gal? Or a fidgety mess? Because seriously, I can’t sit still. I’m that annoying person who can’t focus during long speeches/meetings/lectures, and jiggle my knee constantly while driving people around me crazy.

I didn’t even realise that I had so many nervous habits until they were pointed out to me last week. Nothing like spending five days working with strangers to have them pick out your weirdest, most annoying habits. EG: my tendency to twirl bits of my hair, do “that thing with my hands” in which I twist/rub my fingers together randomly, and to run my fingers lightly up and down over my keyboard. It’s a wonder I still have white on my keys at all, given all the stroking they endure.

2 thoughts on “Nervous tics

  • Reply Jessie August 11, 2009 at 07:49

    A good question… I wonder what people think of all the weird things I do…. I don’t know what they are, but I’m sure I have them too

  • Reply Revanche August 12, 2009 at 07:33

    I often catch my own oddities, so I don’t know if others notice them. My friends do, and laugh at me when I realize I’m doing it AGAIN. Can’t sit still in chair, either. If I’m not swinging around in circles, I’m doing something else entirely juvenile. Nearing 30? Me? Yeah ….

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