Car updates

– Flatmate finally bought a junker of his own so he no longer borrows ours; he also no longer fills ours up (he was always generous with that and would put enough gas in to pretty much cover our running around).

– We need to replace two tyres. A guy T saw said he could do them cheaply, but when T went back to the shop he reckoned he’d sold them already.

– Instead, that money went towards a new tailgate. There was some rust around the boot – the main concern we had when we bought it, and we knew it would need to be addressed for a warrant – so when T found a mint tailgate at Pick a Part for $66 he called me and we decided to scoop it up. Voila – new boot, plus $120 for labour, priming and god knows what else was done. I left all that to him to worry about; it’s part of my maintaining sanity plan. Delegate, delegate, delegate.

– We also need to budget for the registration (due this month) and take it for a warrant (October, I think). We’ll need to come up with money for new tyres, although I’m not sure if they’re needed to pass the warrant or what.

– The Levin is STILL sitting in our driveway. Two separate people were meant to come and take the whole thing as a parts car. Neither showed. We’ve had quite a few enquiries about various parts, but most of them fell through. I think the reason must be that prices have fallen drastically. If we got an entire tailgate for $66 from a wrecker, suddenly $150 for a bumper from a private seller isn’t all that much of a deal. I think it’s time to start telling people to make offers, and then we can gauge whether they’re reasonable or not.

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