Just a quick one!

I’ve been horrenously sick, and haven’t had the internet (the HORROR)…..because we moved.

It was all very sudden, and the week’s gone by in a bit of a whirlwind.

I wasn’t really looking forwarrd to giving notice, but T took care of all that. Until now, I didn’t realise what a toll living in that hellhole was taking on him; he was pretty stressed out too but just never said anything.

T really stepped up and took my “If we move before graduation, I am not to have to organise or worry about ANYTHING” mantra seriously. He handled a lot of things and made the move run as smoothly as possible. Basically It’s a very cute house – I’ll post up pics of some of the woodwork and doors soon, as well as our BLUE room!

One thought on “Catchup

  • Reply Sense September 13, 2009 at 20:52

    OH THANK GOD. You posted something recently that said that T missed class due to a police report, and I have to admit that I started seriously doubting y’all’s sanity for staying where you were!

    Glad to hear the move went smoothly and you didn’t have to deal with the details! Can’t wait to see the cute-house pics!

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