Weekend spending

Our kettle started leaking a while ago, and I finally got around to returning it this weekend. T’s sister had a spare one which she gave us, so we got a straight refund instead of simply exchanging it for a new one!

So, in: $29.99 back to us.

Out: $120 for groceries

$3 for six months worth of the pill

$12.99 for Saturday lunch (Indian food. So good)

$5 for a cocktail at my friend’s party (gotta love subsidised drinks)

$12 for a mini screwdriver set T needed to do one little job. Still considering whether to take it back – I guess it’s a little unethical though, plus he wants to keep it!

2. In many tests, offenders who receive restorative justice
commit fewer repeat crimes than offenders who do not.
3. In no large-sample test has RJ increased repeat offending
compared with CJ.

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