Money talks

They always say that you should never disclose how much you currently get paid to a potential new employer. Whoever names their number first in an interview loses the upper hand. And it also shows your lack of experience at negotiation. (I also thought this was an interesting comment from career consultant Kim Wendleton: “If the job is too low-level, don’t ask about the money, upgrade the job!”)

I’ve been asked how much I make, twice. Both were for relatively low-paying, basic jobs. The first time I was absolutely stunned, and didn’t even consider lying. I was too shocked to be anything but honest, and ended up on a relatively low wage.

The second time, I was also pretty taken aback, but perhaps a part of me was expecting it, as it was a new role and no doubt they had no reference as to what it was worth. I was pleasantly surprised at the offer they came back with, and got about what I thought the position was worth.

Have you ever been in a situation like that?

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