Easy-peasy yum cha savings with the click of a mouse

Last year I went out for all-you-can-eat yum cha on my birthday at Ocean City restaurant – not the most impressive of places, but the restaurant was massive (very popular) and most importantly had TONS of food for laughable prices ($12.90, as I recall… I mean, is there anything better than an invitation to stuff yourself silly without worrying about the cost? I imagine it’s how Becky Bloomwood would feel if we let her loose in a mall with a black AmEx.)

Sadly, I think it’s closed down now. However, Ming Court at Sky City also does a darn good yum cha buffet. There is fried rice, BBQ meat and kuay teow out on the tables, along with fruit and various little goodies like pastries and those supercalifragilistic egg tarts :D.

The actual yum cha comes around in stacks of metal trays on trolleys, and is just westernised enough for my tastes: ie, no chicken feet or other scary animal parts. The selection did feel a little limited, but the buffet changes over to a dessert buffet which is also included in the price. Again, nothing icky like red bean soup, but cakes and other sweet goodies abound.

The cost? $22.95 each, or $19.95 with a Sky City action card. A what? Yeah, I know.  It’s a big draw for those who actually go to gamble, but me, I just want the restaurant discounts! And you only need one card per transaction, which is a nice bonus. So take it from me – don’t write off the small print. Just google those mysterious rewards cards or you could be throwing away some easy savings.

Thursday’s outfit:

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