As great as this week was, it didn’t come cheap! We’re over a hundred dollars in the red, which means some tightening up for the rest of the month. (Didn’t help that we already went over during Christmas, thanks to a last minute present and work lunches for T). As a first step towards making up for it, I’ve cancelled two secret shopper assignments – both with no payment, just reimbursement for a purchase I really don’t need and would have to spend over the alloted amount for at least one of them.

Let’s add up the damages:
$90 plus on food alone (waiting for a couple charges to clear)
$17 on mask and snorkel hire for me (we borrowed most of the gear from a friend)
And we stopped in at the honey centre, where we bought a $3.95 jar (but wow, SO much fresher and cheaper than the supermarket stuff!)

Plus of course the $153 hotel, plus $10 parking… and $123 on groceries.

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