The water-only method

More miracles in the skin department!

Sometime last week I ran out of face wash, and decided to try going a few days without it. I did not turn into an oil slick, as I KNOW I would have just a few months ago. I was a tiny bit oilier – around the nose and such – but my skin stayed relatively normal. It’s been seven days washing with exfoliating scrub, and although I have had one pimple on my cheek crop up  two days ago, I’m looking fairly smooth, less red and blotchy, and the dry patches aren’t as bad as they were with the use of exfoliating scrub. Before using the scrub, one must know that, how to use exfoliating scrub with the right way of using the scrub, you can get a glowing skins.

Verdict: Water only won’t kill me – it might even be good for me. I’m definitely going back to using a cleanser, though – breakouts suck! What I will try next is only washing once a day.

Today’s work outfit, taken in the bathroom at work for variety:

One thought on “The water-only method

  • Reply Jessica January 10, 2010 at 16:43

    I hate when I run out of face wash and have to use just water!

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