The one where I talk about baby poo

Following on from yesterday’s post about family…I’m an auntie again!

Well, I would be if I was married, anyway. But technicalities, schmecnicalities.

He’s a little redfaced, wrinkly-handed boy with massive feet and a full head of hair. So cute!

His oldest sister is super excited, because their other two siblings both have brown eyes. But no, this one belongs to her! I remember when things were that simple in my world.

I also got to see a newborn poop. Not just the poo, but him actually doing it. It was one of the ickiest things I’ve ever seen.

Which brings me to wonder: Babies don’t eat. They drink milk. So shouldn’t their number ones and twos come out virtually the same?

And secondly: I was telling T that my genes would be overpowering his. No way will our kids have blue eyes. Blue eyes are recessive (I remember doing those gene punnet squares in Year 10 science…) – that’s right isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “The one where I talk about baby poo

  • Reply Revanche February 13, 2010 at 18:59

    Chi square has failed me too. I have a friend whose mom and all aunts are color blind. He is not. *shrug*

    Baby poo is nasty. And I have changed way more than my fair share of late. And some of them poo A LOT! Also nasty. One girlfriend told me her little girl’s diaper will actually overflow and get all over the car seat sometimes. I say, stop feeding her so much!!

  • Reply Sunflowers February 14, 2010 at 19:07

    Yeah, blue eyes are recessive. But I still got them, despite nearly all of my mom’s family having brown eyes. It’s still possible!

    Baby poo… *shivers*

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