By the numbers

Some interesting numbers in this week’s Sunday paper:

The latest wage figures in Australia show those across the Tasman earn an average NZ$1574 a week – an increase of 5.9 per cent over the year. In New Zealand, the average wage is $955.

That is a MASSIVE disparity. And I doubt their cost of living is that much higher. Then again, our media does love those ‘you’d be so much better off in Aussie” stories.

The “average” Kiwi male is getting older, marrying later or not at all and isn’t thinking about babies until the early 30 mark. He’s 35 years old, earns $681 a week, gets married at 29 and dies at 78.

The typical Kiwi woman is a little older than him at 37, earns $430 a week, marries at 28 and is likely to have two children.

Again, a pretty big gap there between the “average” (what a baited word) male and female wages. Seriously, $430 a week? Even after tax, that’s pretty dismal. I assume though, that takes into account all the nonworking and part-time workers, of which there’d be a lot more women than men.

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