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Budgeting for Happiness? Working Girl on her money matrix and how she decides to spend her top, bottom and inbetween dollars.

Rae has some tips for budget-conscious beauty junkies.

Little Miss Moneybags explains how she saves on groceries in NYC.

Red ponders the possibility of getting a second job to pay down her debt faster – perhaps not a decision that’s as easy as it sounds.

Mindy wonders if going to grad school is worth going into debt for.

Debt Hater on tithing and why she saves to give away.


Hannah Katy reminds us not to judge others – not the homeless man who sits by my bus stop, or the cleaners I pass on my way out of work. (Am I the only person who gets incredibly depressed sometimes, seeing people doing those jobs? I hate to think of them slaving for minimum wage; but I suppose if those jobs became automated, they might be even worse off if they can’t work.)

Meg spends a week detoxing her budget, body and self.

Not That Kind of Girl tries to help out some hobos, and gets rejected.

Neurotic Workaholic blogs on the competitiveness of, well, blogging, and the quest for followers.

The NonStudent explains why you shouldn’t let, er, an 80-something hobag make you cry. (Kinda reminds me of when a friend’s friend blatantly called me on my lack of a chest at their pool.)

Kevin shares some divine looking Cuban burgers and recipe.


New Grad Life suggests a new approach to resume writing (hint: it involves acronyms!)

Finally, Social Diary delves into the art of the canape and other catering tips for planning an event.

Happy weekends, everyone!

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