Link love (Powered by donburi and old friendships)


Rachel at ExPRessions ruminates on meeting deadlines and doing the job right.

Copy editor Melissa’s tips on finding work and freelance writer Amber’s tips for getting into the industry.

News editor Crystal waves goodbye to her real-name blog (which kinda reinforces my decision to stay relatively-anon).

A Master of Nothing Employable on the things she hates most about job applications.

Ashley wonders how she can personalise her cubicle. (I don’t. I just have lists of important phone numbers on the wall, and sometimes deal vouchers pinned up so I remember to use them.

A great post – honest and entertaining – from World as a Muse: Confessions of a female sports writer.

Ms Career Girl has some great tips on acing your first annual review (suppose mine will be early next year – how time flies).


Airam gives herself a money checkup with a 10point guide for 20-somethings (I’ll have to do that when I get a chance!).

Amber gets the ball rolling with Operation Buy A House. (While that’s not even a speck on my horizon, here are my recent posts on my real estate dream.)

J Money takes a big hit as his work benefits get slashed.

Rainy Day Saver asks if tattoos are worth the cost.

Financial Samurai argues that renters should pay rent tax…because owners pay rates.


From Smitten Kitchen: Monkey cake! What more can I say?

The minimalist’s guide to creating a spice collection, via Stonesoup (I don’t have any of the last three, and I think we’re also out of paprika).

I’m not a fan of fudge – but perhaps you are? Courtesy of Aliens in the Apple.

But Closet Cooking’s hot cheesy mushroom dip? Hell to the yes.


Amanda Lee presents her ridiculously comprehensive guide to making heels bearable (wearable?)

On Bundle, Matt McCue shares his guide to self-publishing a book. A great, inspiring read.

At Blog Her, Ashley explains why her mother and not her father will be walking her down the aisle. Indeed. Why do you need anyone to walk you down the aisle at all? My dad and I aren’t especially close; I might just walk myself down.

At Stratejoy, Marian waxes lyrical about the meaning of success.

A Cat of Impossible Colour mulls over some unsolicited (and unwarranted feedback), and finds it a good way to resolve her own insecurities.

Michelle Woo rounds up some of the best movie prom scenes ever.

Hannah Katy gets inspired at the 2010 Millennium Campus Conference.

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