Of occupiers, rugby and oil spills

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Three quick takes for a Tuesday:

  • Unlike most (but very typical of me) I don’t have a strong opinion about the Occupy movement (which has just reached New Zealand). I don’t believe we have as much cause for complaint here, however – our university and healthcare costs don’t even register in comparison to the US. Our minimum wage is almost liveable and unemployment benefits don’t cut off like they do in America. While it’s been said that the lack of specific demands is actually a bonus to the movement – ie, it’s more inclusive – it’s also a weakness. I was interested by these two links, however: Business Insider’s guide to why people are pissed, and We Are The 1%. (Also, giggled at this.)
  • Perhaps it’s a bit early to call it, but I believe the Rugby World Cup will be ours. We can take France. I didn’t know if we could beat the Wallabies, but there you go – and that, in my completely unfounded opinion, was the big hurdle. I’m actually glad that my plans to go away this weekend will probably not happen (the friend I was to stay with may have to come back to Auckland on Sunday…) because I want to be around for the game and hit up town after victory! It may be a Sunday night final, but the Monday is Labour Day. Nice.
  • The Rena oil spill continues to drag on, and it’s breaking my heart. Look at the images of blackened birds and tell me that we don’t need to reduce our oil reliance. Selfishly, I’m also upset about my summer break – we’re going to the Coromandel over Christmas and New Year’s, and quite frankly, if we won’t be able to swim and fish, it all seems a bit pointless. Down with oil. The beach at the Mount has reopened, though, so that’s hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Of occupiers, rugby and oil spills

  • Reply Amanda October 18, 2011 at 16:52

    The whole Occupy movement… I have so much to say on it that i’m not even going to try. Except to my boyfriend, because he can handle the ramblings. A lot of it just reminds me of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and that freaks the fuck out of me, excuse the language. That “we stand with the 99%” blog was interesting to read, until i got to one where someone said that everyone should have what they “need”. Fair statement. But still freaks me out. This crosses way too many lines in my logic, values and morals to try and put into a comment here though.

    As for the world cup – YES YES YES! Except of course i won’t jinx it be celebrating early. The French want it very much too. Probably (and hopefully) just not enough. Although the downside for me is my final jazz assessment of the year is on Tues and my rehearsal is on labour monday, so that sucksss.

    And re your comment at my blog: your position on not having your name changed is completely understandable – I’m just grateful that my parents saw potential pitfalls right from the beginning and made sure that all my names lined up for me in both countries. Which saves me from having to do all that for myself now. Mind you, i think one day I may incorporate an extra name (or when i get married) so that i can publish/record under a half-pseudonym that still exists in my legal name. Lofty dreams, ha.

  • Reply The Libertarian: Angela Merkel and minimum wage legislation November 4, 2011 at 17:17

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