What we spent: October 2011

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Oooookay. This sure was a mixed bag! Some highlights…

Clothes and grooming: One cardigan and one dress. Both of which were items I’d been searching high and low for.

Dining: Oh dear. This was going good until the very last week – we were on track to come in under $200 (still over budget, but not as badly). Then, the weekend. Think a long lazy slightly spendy afternoon out with friends, which also may have cost us a chance at a sweet outdoor dining set for just $20, but c’est la vie. No regrets there.

Fees and interest: FAIL. So much fail, I don’t want to talk about it. I pay off the Visa every week, except in the case of a few big transactions in which I waited until the 31st (motorbike rego, repairs etc), only it turns out interest was calculated on the 30th. Pushed it too far…

Groceries: A sub-$500 bill? I am a rockstar. (ETA – another $77 didn’t clear until the month rolled over – but still in the same ballpark. Woot)

Home expenses: Four weeks’ bond, first week’s rent, one week plus GST letting fee on our new house.

Insurance: Contents, for the quarter. Sometime this decade I’ll get around to switching this to annual, like our other policies. I first purchased contents coverage as a cashflow-challenged student…

Motorbike: Given $311 of that was bike registration and a helmet for me… AWESOME. And wait till you see our petrol bill…

Savings: Some for T, and my extra income saved. Not counting regular monthly savings.

Vehicle: Can I get a hell yeah? This is seriously about the least we’ve ever spent on our car. All up, that’s less than $300 on petrol for the month, including gas for the bike.

Also, I saved 41 percent of my income! STOKED! I knew I could do it…well, in theory. I just hadn’t managed to, not since changing jobs, between splurging on concert tickets, Guitar Hero and the like. This was, of course, before paying for rent and bond at the new house. And between mystery shopping, editing, and a tax refund on my donations for the year, I netted an extra $60 in easy money, all straight to savings.

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  • Reply Serendipity November 5, 2011 at 08:17

    How awesome is that!?!? That’s a whole lotta income to save up, congrats girl!

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