Eat of the week: Sri Puteri’s

We’re blessed in Auckland with a fair share of awesome Malay restaurants.

Until recently, I was a fan of my then-local, KK Malaysian.

My current favourite, however?

It’s on the east side – along the main Panmure drag of dollar stores and spice shops.

Under new management (the old owners didn’t know anything about food, according to the new proprietor, and just wanted to party all the time – they weren’t interested), Sri Puteri epitomises homey, unpretentious Malaysian dining.

A photo of its chef with Peter Gordon adorns one wall – apparently Sri Puteri’s beat KK in an Auckland-wide cooking competition that a judging panel, including Gordon, oversaw.

The menu at Sri Puteri runs from typical laksa, rendang and mee through to more Indian offerings (equally enticing; the head matriarch is Indian Malay). Lovely, gloppy satay. Deep, deep bowls of creamy, steaming curry. Enormous platters of rice and noodles, piled high. A twist on assam laksa, more currylike than the soupy traditional, topped off with pineapple and red onion, which counteract the spiciness – too sweet, perhaps, depending on the diner’s tooth. And for traditionalists, round the meal off with an ice kacang.

For all that, Sri Puteri’s is insanely affordable. I’m talking mains in the $10-15 range, large enough to fill your belly first time around.

We’re lucky to be able to eat such authentic fare at this price – get in while you can.

Sri Puteri’s

59 Queens Road, Panmure

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