Traditional trappings I care not a whit for

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Not an animal person, never have been. My ex’s mother once said “a home doesn’t feel like a home without pets”. I grew up in a human-only household, so anything else would feel strange.

T really wants a dog (or dogs, plural), so we can fight that out when we start thinking about buying a house. (And that will apparently be just the first of 2000 arguments over it.)


I don’t have any stats to draw on, but holiday house ownership seems reeeeally high among Kiwis.

Now, I love me a holiday and I love staying in a proper house. In my adult life I have only been camping once, overnight. (I think about all the Coro Gold campers who only had a tent to return to after jumping around in mud for hours and shudder) . And there’s nothing better than a free stay at a friend’s parents’ bach.

But a bach is only used for a tiny fraction of the year (and you certainly can’t rent it out all the rest of the time). And do you really want to keep returning to the same spot? (Maybe. But maybe not). I wouldn’t say no to a free bach (Lotto Powerball anyone? Not that I play, so moot point)  but I wouldn’t mortgage one and I’m not sure I’d tie up cash in one either.


As much as I hate sand, I really do like the beach. I find being around water really relaxing, and there’s nothing better than a spot of sunbathing with a good book, interspersed with ventures out into the waves to splash around. But actually being out on the water at any depth doesn’t really appeal. Aside from fishing for T, I can’t see how owning a boat would add anything to my quality of life. I would need to be well off to the point where I was seriously stumped as to what best to do with my money.

3 thoughts on “Traditional trappings I care not a whit for

  • Reply tinysarah January 22, 2012 at 17:42

    I had to Google what a ‘bach’ was, haha… like a holiday house or cottage, right :)?

  • Reply Revanche January 23, 2012 at 12:39

    2000 arguments over a pet?? Well you know which side of the opinion I fall but I’m incredibly lucky that despite the fact that it’s entirely on me that we can’t not have a dog (PiC’s never NEEDED one, I practically can’t live without one or ten, please!) we’ve only ever had a few disagreements about the dog. And in the end, while I’d KIND of like to let him on the sofa, I actually don’t mind that he’s not allowed.

    We had to go through an adoption form together that asked all sorts of practical and picky questions about what our decision making would be in the case of such and such to do with the pet, I think I posted about some of it a while back. It would be good for you to do that together before you get a dog together, quite likely so you can establish your agreed ground rules. It helped us tremendously. It was like pre-doggy counseling!

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