Link love (Powered by feta cheese and an afternoon at the races)

I’ve been a fan of MP Dunleavey since her MSN Money Days, and I’ve been signed up to Dailyworth’s daily alerts since about the start of the year.

I have to say, I was disappointed when it came to open auditions for their Money Fix project.

Enter if you’re saving for: a wedding, baby, home renovation or to pay off debt.


Career and financial advice for women is so painfully stereotypical on the whole already. I understand the need to have some formula for this installment, but how about saving for a big travel goal? To pay for a car in cash? To start your own business?

Anyway. To the links!


Be sure to check out this week’s carnival of personal finance; Sense to Save has done an awesome job of it, and my post on reaching budgeting nirvana is in there too.

There’s a really interesting series at the Guardian, Voices of Finance – anonymous interviews with people who work in the banking industry.

My Journey To Millions on the importance of knowing your ‘monthly nut’ – your regular fixed costs.

Deena Dollars is the aunt you want. Here, she lays out how she plans to help pay for her brother’s offspring to get to university.

How to spend your money after graduation, by, well, Money After Graduation.


Invest It Wisely asks: Where do you get shit done? (When it comes to sitting down and writing longer features, I’m most productive at home – so on print deadlines every other month I try to head home early on a few days to hammer stories out)

At Fearful Adventurer, a reader asks for advice on quitting a career in accounting for taking a stab at boxing.


I really enjoyed Ashley’s post, How to make people like you.

Isaac Likes on what it’s really like to move to New York from New Zealand.


Some neat ideas for cooking with eggplant, thanks to Eats by Anna.

THIS. A ton of lunch ideas that don’t involve sandwiches at Stonesoup.

Poor Girl Eats Well on farmer’s markets and government food assistance (here you just get paid money and buy your own food – no stamps, no restrictions).

Happy weekends, all!

2 thoughts on “Link love (Powered by feta cheese and an afternoon at the races)

  • Reply Invest It Wisely March 10, 2012 at 14:31

    Thanks for including me. It was interesting to see where everyone gets their shit done 😉

  • Reply Ashley March 11, 2012 at 13:55

    Ah, thanks for including me here! Have a great weekend.

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