Adventures in the kitchen: Thai green curry

You will always find – along with the usual suspects like EVOO, canned tomatoes, butter, onions, and flour – various curry pastes in my kitchen.

My current favourite is a new discovery: Penta brand green curry.

Thai green curry

One capsicum
A handful of mushrooms
Beef sliced into strips
Two tablespoons of curry paste
One can of coconut milk

Olive oil
Spring onion

Cook the sliced capsicum/mushrooms in a little oil for a couple of minutes over high heat.

Add the curry paste, followed by the coconut milk. Mix to combine, then add the beef strips.

Simmer until meat is cooked through.

Serve over a bed of fluffy white rice.

That stuff on top? If your partner doesn’t swoop in with a brilliant idea for a topping, then by all means feel free to blend up some cashews, coriander, radishes, spring onion and a dash of EVOO and plonk a spoonful over the bowl.

Frugal factor: high. Especially without the random garnishing.

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