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Hey, Auckland Transport? It’s pretty douchebaggy to send out a traffic ticket six months after an alleged offence.

Quite frankly, even if we thought we had a shot at contesting this ticket, how in hell are we supposed to figure out what the hell happened at 5.13pm on April 30?

I’m not kidding. Last week a ticket arrived in the mail pinging us for driving in a bus lane on Great North Rd in Grey Lynn in APRIL. That’s six months ago, for those feeling too lazy to count.

Odds are it was T, as I hardly ever drive. Or possibly a friend or family member who borrowed the car. But more importantly, how did it happen? We’re both familiar with buslanes and how they work, and we both know to stay the hell out of them. Quite possibly it was a case of driving in a bus lane in order to turn left at a corner, because that’s how the roads work here, and you’re allowed to do that within a certain number of metres of the corner (and a misjudgement on the driver’s part). There’s a minute chance it was me pulling over to do a U-turn, as I recall doing many months ago, just shy of the start of a bus lane on Great North Rd, though I don’t know if that was in our car or a work car, and I don’t think it was that late in the afternoon.

I’m trying not to waste any more time analysing this, because six months on there is just no point. Gotta suck it up and cough up.

This week’s links:

Thanks to Prairie Eco-Thrifter for including me in this week’s carnival of personal finance (in case you missed it, we had a new Civic IMA for a week and were inducted into the wonderful world of hybrids) and also to TB Blue Collar Workman for including me in the lifestyle carnival (check out my post on how we planned our most recent holiday, a campervan trip around the South Island).

I am a planner. Yet underneath it all I am horribly disorganised. I’m also a voyeur. So I was all over this post by Mochi and Macarons outlining how she organises her life.

This one’s aimed at journalists but there’s plenty of advice for anyone involved in running an event. Steve Buttry discusses using Twitter to promote your gig, and how to incorporate it throughout the actual event.

Jeepers. I’ve probably had less than 10 jobs in my life, but J Money does have a few years on me. In this post, he runs through all 30-odd jobs he’s held to date.

Kyla Roma talks about how to zero on your passions, plus a list of resources.

Here’s Nicole with a reminder that sometimes even the things you love are “fucking hard work”.

Do you ever feel like you’re doing it (money/life) wrong? Via Tales from the Trenches.

At Life Without Pants, a nice take on focusing on your path and setting your own pace: Never compare the beginning of your story to someone else’s middle.

Ramit’s handy script for how to tell people you’re raising your rates.

Jess Lively realises that overarching happiness does not mean constant joy and stability on a daily basis.

Finally, there were so many insights packed into Reid Hoffman’s latest LinkedIn piece. Here are my favourites:

  • If you can’t find someone who wants to employ you to pursue your dream job, or if you can’t financially sustain yourself—that is, earn a salary that allows you to live the lifestyle you prefer while doing it—then trying to turn your passion into a career doesn’t really get you very far.
  • The unfortunate truth is that in today’s career landscape, your parachute–no matter its color–may be punctured full of holes. And if it isn’t that way already, it could get that way at any time.
  • Deciding where you want to be in ten years and then formulating a plan for getting there might work if our environments were unchanging. It might work if getting from point A to point B in your career were like crossing a lake in a boat on a calm summer’s day. But you’re not in a calm lake. You’re in a chaotic ocean
  • Winning careers, like winning start-ups, are in permanent beta: always a work in progress.

Happy weekends, all!

4 thoughts on “Link love (Powered by tiramisu and the Muppets)

  • Reply Cassie October 27, 2012 at 13:56

    Ugh. If it’s not too much of a hassle to fight it I’d show up to do so and make it well known that getting a ticket 6 months after the offence is inexcusable. I’d be pissed. Hell, I’m ticked off on your behalf.

    I am thankful for the link love though, thank you!

    • Reply eemusings October 27, 2012 at 17:01

      You’re welcome!

      There is no court appearance involved (only, I think, if we contest it rather than pay it now)

  • Reply mochiandmacarons October 28, 2012 at 00:31

    Thanks for the link 🙂 I should mention that I’ve come up with this system only because I kept forgetting so much! Drove me crazy, and once I paid a fee for it, which made me very annoyed at wasting money. Hence why I like organizing now!

  • Reply Budget & the Beach October 28, 2012 at 15:18

    I need to read the post on raising my rates! Thanks for posting that! That really sucks about the ticket. 🙁

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