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It’s slightly strange being on the opposite side of the fence from everyone in the northern hemisphere. You’ve all just switched your clocks around – we changed ours over a month ago (while we were on our road trip, actually. I wasn’t sure when it was all happening, but when we arrived in Queenstown and walked into the centre, the town clock displayed one time on side and another time on the other, so we figured it was all on from that night forward).

I have to say, I’m loving the long daylight hours. I went for a post-work run the other day for the first time in months (it’s dark by the time I get home through winter). I’ve blogged before about running being the one thing I do. Getting back to it was painful, but it always is.

And in another boost to my exercise/fitness routine, I’m finally back in the game. T only recently went back to work – a story for another post – and was off for weeks after returning from our trip. Weekday mornings, therefore, were for long lazy cuddles, rather than stretches and situps. Now, he’s gone by the time I wake up.

This week’s links:

Ashley has turned A Story of Debt into an e-book. Hurrah!

Budget and the Beach guest posts at Making Sense of Cents about how being in a rush costs you money.

The Joy of Caking has some ideas on making gifts to give.

Athena writes about what it’s really like working for a nonprofit.

A sappy but excellent post about blogging by Stephany.

Musings of an Inappropriate Woman sums up things I didn’t even know I felt about writing in the first person professionally, vs writing in the first person on my blog.

Finally, thanks to Marissa for hosting the latest carnival of personal finance and including my post on dealing with the rising cost of living.

Happy weekends!

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  • Reply serendipitysavings November 17, 2012 at 13:06

    Thanks so much for linking to my post! I appreciate it. 🙂
    PS Love the new blog design with the fish hook.

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