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link love nzmuseI have money on the brain. (Might that be because money was a source of stress this week? Quite likely.)

So, I present to you my favourite money quotes this week, all courtesy of Jen Dziura.

  •  Money is not proportional to effort. It is related to where you put the effort. I cannot emphasize this point enough. Some people empty city trash cans all day long. I’m sure it is very hard work, and yet it pays very poorly. Working harder at emptying trash cans will not improve the situation.
  • You can dedicate all your efforts to making the most money with the least effort. Then, give a lot of effort. You will make a lot of money. This is what 80% of dudes are doing. And maybe 15% of women. I think a lot of women feel unnecessarily guilty for making (or trying to make) more money than they think they “deserve.” Money is a point system and a game that has a limited correlation to effort and value.
  • One good way to make the most money with the least effort is to go where very rich people are, and make their lives better or easier. You can be paid very handsomely for this.
  • Money solves 90% of problems and gives you time to think about the other 10% of existential quandaries.

On a happier note, it’s fun to look back on posts from years gone by!


Blast from the past


One year ago I fondly recounted my blogging history, used Tom and Lynette to discuss power plays in relationships and listed five of my food favourites in Auckland.

Two years ago I talked about dealing with a partner’s debt and waiting for your world to change.

2010 was a bit of a bust, but back in 2009 I did weigh up the benefits of living alone vs living with others. (We haven’t had flatmates now for nearly 3 years, so…)

And for the rest of the links…


Here’s the Make a Living Writing guide to getting started as a freelance writer

Jess Lively recounts her business school experience, the good and the bad

For a laugh: the 7 worst jobs according to Yes I Am Cheap

Should you let your teenage daughter become a model? Isaac Likes has the answer

Gen Y Girl reminds us that small changes can have big results

Makeup and Mirtazapine on dealing with friends going through tough times

I also loved Love Addict’s post on the things she isn’t afraid of

Beef roast! Via Condiments on a City Life

A warming chorizo salad from Wandering Food Lover

My Pretty Pennies dishes up a quick cucumber salad

Still on a salad roll: Smitten Kitchen’s celery and dijon egg salad

A haul of 15 Chinese New Year recipes at Closet Cooking.

Also, a shout out to Savvy Scot, who’s hosting a whopping £300 giveaway! Though I’m mentioning it here on the blog, it’s because I want extra chances to win. So you should definitely NOT enter 😉

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  • Reply Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing February 11, 2013 at 05:10

    Thanks for mentioning my link!

    Free tip: If your link love headlines had relevant key words for the topics you cover in these roundups, they’d probably get more social shares…including from me. 😉

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