Live alone, or with others?

In order to be prepared, I figured it’s time to start thinking about our future living situation.

I’m not going to head up a flat again. So that leaves moving into an established house, or setting up on our own again.

I am leaning towards the former, but of course there are pitfalls. I think I’m a decent flatty. I’m clean and fairly quiet although I do have my antisocial spells. BF on the other hand can alienate some people – whereas I can’t help but be courteous to others in general, even if I dislike them, he won’t do that; he’s too honest. He gets dirty from work which might annoy flatmates, and is not as tidy as me – although it’s hard to tell to what extent, considering how we live at the moment (but I think I can guess how much of the mess around here is caused by him).

Cons of living with others:
Can be kicked out at their whim
Cooking times can be awkward
Cleaning can always be an issue even in the smoothest running households
Risk of having psycho flatmates
Issues with having friends over
Issues with their friends
Conflicting morning routines
Paying for others’ power/internet guzzling
Limited fridge space

Cons of living by ourselves:
Can be isolated (although I’m pretty introverted)
More expensive ?
Expensive bond, totally responsible for condition of house
Less space (although less to clean)
Nobody wants to rent to a couple of 20 year olds, esp. with one of them still studying, no matter how good of a job they may have.

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