Hot stuff

fan34 deg C in West Auckland last night!

Although to be honest, I thought the night before was far more sweltering – it rained last night so I was actually pretty cold – woke up shivering and clutching the blanket to my chest.

Of course BF spent the night silent sweating, poor thing. Our fan is pretty much always on. (I REALLY wish our room was properly insulated. It’s the Arctic in winter and Sahara like right now). I try to make sure it’s turned off when he  leaves the room and turn it off after he falls asleep, but I usually drift off before he does so it stays on until I jerk half awake halfway through the night and drowsily flick the wall switch off. This week though, he usually ends up waking up himself and turn it back on and I just don’t have the heart to argue with him, it’s so damn hot! Unfortunately, our power bill skyrocketed correspondingly. He denied it was the fan at first, but I pointed out nothing else in our usage had changed, and when you’ve got something running for 6plus hours a day all of a sudden, the bill is bound to shoot up.

Poor thing. He always seems to run at about ten degrees hotter than everyone else, and about twenty more than me. I spotted a duvet in a catalogue the other day which is meant to sort of adjust to your body temperature, so it’s ideal for sleeping partners where one is colder than the other! Sort of like those beds where one side is firm and one soft. Wonder how well it works though….sounds pretty gimmicky to me! Especially for a few hundred dollars.

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