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link love nzmuseT and I tend to have opposing reactions to watching period films.

I’m usually thankful to have been born in the 20th century and not been subject to the conditions of life in times gone by – for modern medicine, for the ability to wear what I want, work in a job of my choosing, and enjoy a relatively safe home and means of transport.

On the other hand, he would probably have done well in the age of the survival of the fittest.

Linky goodness!
Speaking of first world problems, I recently stumbled across this Tumblr, When in Auckland. It is truly JAFA-tastic.

I’m in the carnival of personal finance talking about my financial wishlist (plus I’m hosting Monday’s edition, so submit your stuff!)

Too true. As Girl Meets Debt points out, sometimes there’s no frugal alternative

How can you save for retirement/education/house/car/kids/fun/emergencies and ALL THE THINGS? I fully emphathise with Newlyweds on a Budget on this front

My Alternate Life ponders whether she’s cut out for entrepreneurship

Marian recounts the best money she’s ever spent (there’s quite a few things on this list…)

An amazing true story on Yes and Yes this week on being kidnapped by your father

Here are 75 reasons you’re unhappy, via Dumb Little Man (with solutions)

Arrivals and Departures needs recommendations for books with a strong protagonist

I want to devour this smothered Mediterranean chicken by Iowa Girl Eats, but I’m writing this at 6pm on Friday before I leave the office

Ditto Closet Cooking’s pepperoni casserole

Ask A Manager explains in detail how to ask for a raise

Here’s a surprisingly decent list of ways to describe yourself during a job interview at Brazen Life

Neurotic Workaholic on being the wrong kind of workaholic, i.e., just trying to make a living while attending grad school

In honour of International Women’s Day, Ms Career Girl lists 10 women you should know (including our very own Victoria Ransom)

This letter from Amelia to her niece is the best thing I’ve read all week

Closely followed by Ashley’s post on the best blogging advice she’s ever read

Finally, if you have even a sliver of a toe dipped into the digital world, this week you would have seen the story about the Atlantic trying to squeeze free content out of a freelance writer. As a rule I really like the Atlantic, and they DO pay (at least some of their) writers, like my hero Rachel Hills. But this is shoddy and incredibly embarrassing.

That said, I am also a digital editor by trade (the site I run is much, much smaller and has no budget at all, unlike the Atlantic), and so I fully sympathise with this response from senior editor Alexis Madrigal, which succinctly covers all the pressures and realities of the job. Plain and simple, it sucks, and no one – not editors, not writers, not readers – is winning.

The Atlantic doesn’t have the answers, and I certainly don’t. Media is less a business than a charity these days. In fact, I was discussing this with a friend in the business world, who was baffled by how media companies can continue to pay us (their staff) at all given that rather than making money, they’re all in debt. Again, I don’t know how the financials work … (no doubt there’s some insane witchcraft being performed on the balance sheets every year) but for now the industry is still clinging on.

Also, here is Felix Salmon at Reuters on the issue (in which he concludes online can pay, but you better get a digital job because freelancing for a living wage is basically impossible and at the Awl, a very long Branch conversation in which a bunch of writers and editors get together to talk moolah and rates.

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