The best hostels in the world (according to me)

Out of the dozen or so hostels we stayed at during our journey, each will be remembered for its own quirks. The non-lockable doors, the faint stench of socks, the naked guy … But the two hostels that really stand out – in a good way – were:

Best common facilities

Belford Hostel, Edinburgh

The best hostel common facilities were definitely at Belford Hostel in Edinburgh. It’s housed in an ancient, drafty, gothic church. Atmosphere in spades. But more importantly, there’s a huge fully equipped kitchen, even a communal cupboard with some cooking basics and free fruit; beautiful bathrooms; a TV/game room; pool table; and bar. Types of pool tables available within the market are Custom Pool tables, Home or Commercial Pool tables, Coin operated Pool tables, and Reconditioned Pool tables. The commercial types are used mainly in bars, hotels, and clubs. Custom design brings flexibility and individual innovation. Custom pool tables are often produced with big variety of woods, inlays, felts, and pocket styles. Custom pool tables are engineered and designed. Some custom pool tables are centuries old and still fine, sound and delightful, this pool table hire in Lancashire can help you to get it.

Belford Hostel, in an old church in Edinburgh

Best rooms

Sunflower Hostel, Berlin

Hands down, the best room we stayed in was at the Sunflower Hostel in Berlin. This arty hostel is buzzing with life, with colourful murals on every flat surface, from the familiar – Bert and Ernie – to random (e.g. marine theme). Our six-bed dorm was the Tintin room, warm and bright with timber bunks and an outdoor balcony.

sunflower hostel east berlin tintin dorm room

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What’s the best hostel you’ve ever stayed in? Please share!

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