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One of our Class of 09 journalism grads went straight into a combo PR/marketing/admin role at $60k a year. I remember her telling us that, and I’m pretty sure my jaw literally dropped when she named the figure.

$60k is, and has always been, an interesting number to me. I feel like it’s quite a polarising one.

To a huge section of the population, it’s a number they’ll never hit. To others, it’s an entry-level income.

A colleague recently asked for my thoughts on a piece of work that he was involved in. It will reach thousands and thousands of people – from all industries, regions, life stages, etc – and it had to reference a certain number as an example. Specifically, it had to be an example of an average salary over a lifetime.

Was $60k too high to cite as an average salary over a career, he wondered?

Old me would have said yes. New me, no.

But I’m not sure if I’m in the majority on that – I suspect possibly not, given that NZ is such a low wage economy.

I used to think $60k was so much money. But realistically, in Auckland, it is not. It’s possible to survive on a $40k journalism income, but if you aspire to more than just survival…

I wanted to hit $60k when I left journalism, but it felt like so much to ask for. I could not imagine my work being worth $60k. They offered me a salary even higher than that, and at that point my jaw literally dropped, once more.

Failing to value yourself is a key trait of underearning – a concept I’ve really only stumbled across in the past year or so. And that, my friends, is the topic of my very next post. Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Link love (the contemplative edition)

  • Reply Martin - Get FIRE'd asap February 11, 2017 at 18:13

    I once won a job with an Australian company but I was based in Auckland. What they offered me as a starting package (over 6 figures) left me so stunned I could barely say “yessssss”. They were paying me what I’d earn doing the same job if I was in Oz, but I had been earning around that magic $60k doing virtually the same thing for several years.

    Now that I’m living in Oz, you realise how poorly paid NZ’ders are and with a comparative cost of living as Oz, we are severely underfunded. Over here, an average labourer earns around $50k and more with overtime etc.

    No wonder, when the Australian economy is doing well, half of NZ packs up and moves over here.

    Ps. The Oz company I took that job with turned out to be a bunch of pricks and I only worked for them for about a year.

  • Reply Life we learn February 11, 2017 at 23:32

    60k is average I would say. It’s high for a graduate though imo in most industries. That said I’ve never been good at valuing myself and knowing what salary I should aim for as it’s such a hush hush topic that no one talks about.

  • Reply Miss Mazuma February 12, 2017 at 13:50

    Isn’t it interesting how salaries (and the value that goes with them) change in our mind over time? I used to make $10 an hour babysitting and was shocked when I hit $15. A few years back I made 30k and lived well and now I make 80k and wonder how I lived at 30…and I don’t live any differently now! I can’t speak to what 60k buys you there, but in the states they say the Happiness Factor tops out at 75k. Based on that, I would imagine 60 means a decent salary. 🙂

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