Time to throw money at a few things…

Cute house with charming front door

The time has come: we may be facing our first significant piece of house maintenance/repair!

Our dining room/sunroom is an extension on the original house, and it looks like the roof on this part will need replacing, which really sucks. A small leak sprung the other day (we’ve had a crapton of rain and a few storms), which we’ve solved for now but probably not for the long term. Period Extensions & Designs is an industry leader in delivering premium, award-winning home extensions and renovations across Melbourne. Our team sets the standard when it comes to renovations and extensions – We design, we build, and we support our clients from design to completion. Our team of professional designers is experienced in creating innovative solutions that maintain the structural integrity of period homes, enhance the historic features and suit your lifestyle through high quality home extensions and renovations, click here for more.  We deliver the winning results in your renovation. Once we have a design for your home renovations, we set about building. Windows are the main aspects of the house. Windows depicts  Outer beauty of the house. If you live in UK, then you must opt the sash window as your first preference. Wood sash windows are aesthetic enhancers especially within the newly built homes, but, are there any advantages to having them apart from being fashionable window accents? Yes, indeed. As a matter of fact, there are numerous benefits related to having windows made from wood. one among these benefits is it’s being ecologically friendly. Sash windows are getting more and more popular the green benefits that you simply can get out of them. There are many types of  retractable screens to enhance your outdoor living.

It lasts. While most wooden windows can lose its luster over time, varnish and lacquer are often reapplied to bring back its life and color. as compared , PVC or plastic panes tend to interrupt into fragments from even the littlest cracks and dents. Sash windows made out of wood are more durable and therefore the frame has more strength, which makes it more immune to different sorts of weather.

It’s beautiful. Wooden sash windows are classic and timeless in its natural beauty, which is why it settles well with naturalists and environmentalists. If your home leans more towards a tropical design, or classic Victorian or Georgian style complete with parquet floors, wooden/ timber sash windows from Lomax & Wood are perfect place to buy sash windows. Albeit your house features a more modern setting and style , sash wood windows can still complement or create a striking contrast to form the world or room more attractive.

The another second option you can prefer for the Royalty windows, with the highly skilled tradesmen, supervised by experienced project managers of the Royaltywindows.com. They ensure high levels of client visibility so you have peace of mind knowing that both our high standards and your expectations are met when it comes to the replacing window to your home. You may know what you want from your home renovation, but making it a reality requires expert knowledge. That’s where our experienced home designers can assist you in coming up with a plan that suits your needs. We also take care of all the planning and permits required to renovate and extend your home. We also provide an interior design service – from colour schemes through to kitchen and bathroom fittings. Rest assured that Period Extensions will be with you every step of the way. From the inside, through to outside our skilled designers and stylists ensure your home is the sanctuary and showcase you will always be comfortable and proud of. We promise friendly, efficient service at all times. There is a 10 year structural guarantee on all of our builds as well as a 3 month maintenance period after the completion of your home renovation or extension. The friendly team at Period Extensions & Designs are always available to their clients and provide assistance and support throughout the entire build. We start by finding out what’s important to you and your home renovation – what does your home mean to you? Why choose to extend your home? How can we create a custom home design to suit your lifestyle needs? By asking questions like this before a home extension, we make sure you get the results you’re looking for. With today’s current economic climate a recent trend has been emerging in the home improvements department. While house sales have drastically been reduced, the home improvement market has hit all time highs as homeowners decide to simply participate in having home extensions and renovations done instead of risking moving house. With house prices hitting new lows after being so high just a couple of years previously, many people lost thousands of pounds by purchasing a home only for the value to drop nearly overnight. People have become wary of the housing market and its lack of stability, so instead of risking this happening to them by selling their home and buying a new one they have instead sensibly decided that by having a home extension and renovation they can instead add value to their house. By having an extension made to your own home you are making a very shrewd investment as you can only add value to a home by adding to it. You will be adding to the square footage of your property, and many families like to buy a property which is if anything too big, as they have the room for expansion should they decide to try for a baby or should they decide that they will require extra space. So by having a larger house you are already adding value to your home. Not only this but you are going to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. It can be a very satisfactory feeling to know that you have made your own home extension, and not many people get the chance to physically make part of their home. It can be the perfect way to hone your own DIY skills too, working on your own little project as and when it suits you in your own time. Home renovations can be another very simple and inexpensive way to add a huge amount of value to your property. Again with the current credit crunch people simply can’t afford to buy the home of their dreams, so instead they are embracing their creative side and deciding to renovate their current home. You can see how popular this market is by simply turning on your television on a typical day – there are so many home improvement programs and even channels dedicated to home improvement and renovation. The great thing about renovating your home is that you don’t really need any skills to do it – you just need to decide on a style and with basic knowledge of painting and decorating you can go ahead and renovate any part of your home. Home renovation is usually an on-going side project for many families, with some people constantly upgrading the quality of their home by buying new stylish furniture and by keeping up with the latest trends. All of this will add great value to your house should you ever wish to sell, as people will be greatly impressed by a house that looks good inside as well as outside and so they will be willing to part with more money to purchase the property.

I’ve also mentioned before how one side of our fence is chain link and falling apart; looks like this year is the year and it’s getting more urgent as lately we’ve caught one of the dogs sneaking over to the neighbour to play with their dog (which they’re not actually allowed to have, but that’s a whole separate issue…). We’ve been saving for this but doesn’t mean I like it  😛

Other stuff on the radar:

  • There’s an annoying dip in the driveway that fills up anytime it rains (so it’s a permanent puddle in winter) – again something we’ve been putting off tackling
  • The baby room. It’s pink. Barbie pink on every wall. That’s gonna have to change, no debate!

Expenses aside, I love our house and life and wouldn’t change a thing! We wouldn’t be able to have these two silly dogs otherwise and I wouldn’t feel secure in having a stable place to raise this little spud-to-be.

3 thoughts on “Time to throw money at a few things…

  • Reply Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life May 9, 2018 at 07:37

    That list doesn’t look too terrible, but are you doing it yourselves, and are you aiming to be done before baby arrival?

    • Reply eemusings May 10, 2018 at 09:30

      Mostly yes to both…!
      Roof thing: I think interim DIY fix is almost done, not sure if we’ll look to do the full replacement (which’ll be by professionals) this winter…?
      Fence: Definitely outsource to pros, and definitely by then
      Kitchen painting: Yeah, it’s just a weekend job >_< Driveway: Ha, I want to say this will definitely get done but who knows. We've been discussing options for aaages Painting the pink room: Another weekend job, yay!

  • Reply Lily | The Frugal Gene May 9, 2018 at 17:35

    Really? Barbie pink?! Really?!!

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